Association of Pharmacy Professionals

Mini Review 2019

APP Scientific Updates 2019;7(1-2)


Dahiya S*
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Processing Laboratory
School of Pharmacy, University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, PR, USA

Excipients are integral part of pharmaceutical dosage forms and manufacturing processes. Multifunctional excipients are a class of products that includes pre-processed and co-processed excipients for providing added functionalities to the formulation. Excipient development is seen as a large global market and is projected to reach USD 11.9 billion in 2026. Various multifunctional excipients have contributed not only to ease and accelerate the manufacturing processes, but also provided with beneficial pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical properties to the formulations in terms of improved tableting properties, increased solubility and stability, reduced toxicities, achieving desired release profiles, lowering surfactant concentration, reducing parenteral toxicities and many more. The present mini review briefly outlines the role and scope of multifunctional excipients in pharmaceutical manufacturing along with few representative examples that are being used for various applications.

 Keywords: Excipients, Multifunctional excipients, Co-processing, Functional excipients

APP Sci. Updates
2019; Vol. 7, No. 1-2, A1-A4.
(Received: Dec 02, 2019 / Accepted: Dec 30, 2019)

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