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Association of Pharmacy Professionals feel pleasure to announce National Seminar on 'Current Perspectives of Analytical Techniques in Pharmaceutical Sciences' to be organized jointly by Shrinathji Institute of Pharmacy, Nathdwara, Rajasthan and APP Rajasthan State Branch on 24th September, 2014... Applications are invited for APP Awards 2015 by email at '' or ''... Current Issue (Jan-Apr 2014) of Bull. Pharm. Res. is now uploaded. Kindly refer the Journal Section for more details...Kindly refer the 'third issue' of newsmagazine 'APP Scientific Updates' 2014;2(1):1-24 for latest updates...Professionals from countries other than India, can become life members of association by paying US$ 100 as membership fee...

President’s Message

I feel immense pleasure to take the golden opportunity of becoming the founder president of Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP) from 1st March, 2011.

APP is a unique organization of dedicated professionals willing to serve pharmacy profession in dynamic ways and I feel sense of pride and obligation to be a part of this association. APP involves people from various arena including students, teachers, researchers, scientists  as well as industry professionals. APP is continuously gaining  attention among  pharmacy community  of  India and abroad.

APP actually aids in extending the knowledge and facilities of several technical institutes, industries as well as health sectors to the remote areas where the service and live functionality of pharmacy profession is the real want. This humble act might be in the form of academic, research or health related activities. The association is also aware about and share the responsibilities of professionals towards the community and social liabilities. The APP also accesses the availability of expertise when it needs and ensures that the systematic teaching learning activities not only occurs but also reach to the common knowledge development system by acting as source of fulfilment in case of any need.

APP emerged with a view to sustain and support the horizon of knowledge from all areas of pharmaceutical and other allied sciences. APP has a widespread scope as pharmacy is a multidisciplinary branch which requires knowledge from chemical, physical and biological sciences that have further merged together to develop several new subjects, areas of education, research and technology.

Role of ‘Association of Pharmacy Professionals’ is also to think of betterment of the community, society and also to involve young generation to lead them to run the new era  of pharmacy and related disciplines under the blessings and guidance of previous generation. We assure the dedicated and wholehearted efforts of our resources and abilities to push the pharmacy profession in all ways. Let us hope and work for making APP more visible at every forefront of scientific, academic and research fields. May the kind cause and wisdom of APP reach many places, many people all over India and abroad and enlighten the name of profession beyond the boundaries globally.